MyFreeCam is a raw and free cam site strictly for adults. It features lots of xxx videos and video chats with lots of models, cam girls, amateurs, and exquisite female content that blows the mind.


When you visit MyFreeCams also known as MFC Cams, the first thing you will be expected to do is verify that you are at least 18. You will not be asked to provide any document but simply asked to click on, “I am over 18, continue” or “leave”.

Verification gives you access to all the content on the site; you can chat with models, amateurs, or simply watch the intriguing content and have fun.

The girls are always ready to give you mind-blowing experiences that will make you come back for more. The restriction is great because it helps kids who are below 18 to stay out of trouble or any potential problems in the future.

MyFreeCam has a lot of sexy women who are always active online and ready to please those they chat with and it’s usually fun crazy.

Are MFC Cams Girls Hot?

Cute is an understatement; mfc cams has the hottest chicks you will ever come across and you will literally be screaming when you spot them. You will probably be saying “wow, she is so hot and cute” but there are a few dudes on the site but it is dominated by hot and sexy chicks.

A majority of the babes on mfc cams are cute Americans, unlike other sites that have mostly South Americans or Eastern European girls with few American girls. This does not mean that South American or Eastern European girls are not hot or cute as well, they all are.

The girls give real live content which is more original as compared to other Cam sides; watching the girls make themselves cum is quite fascinating and can get you horny like mad.

Do not be surprised if you scream out “holy shit, I want to fuck her or she is freaking hot and good”

Are there too many girls?

Yes, they are a whole bunch of cute ladies doing their thing which is a positive downside because it gets you confused. There are a whole lot of” hotties” doing their thing which you will have to choose from but exclusive comes with a price.

Of course, you will find a lot of ladies and you will find those who are giving you the mad experience but they often demand money. A bunch of clicks and time spent to find free girls from the lots will rarely yield, so you will have to chip in something.

Does my Free Cam Have any downside?

The crowd gets you confused about who will give you some real content and since there is no way to preview some scenes, you will be forced to click and view first.

Sometimes wish they have the preview feature included so viewers can have a clue to what they are going to watch. The preview feature saves time and the energy of clicking on so many content links trying to find the best content givers which are essential.

The preview feature also gives a little show for those of us who do not have quite a lot to spend on Cam girls.

Another downside of MyFreeCams is inflexibility navigating through the site and most especially the inability to get to another video chat using a new tab.

Like you may have a girl you want to keep on the waiting list and another you want to view for the moment but you cannot do that.

On to a lighter mood, here are some amazing site features

Personalized Lists

What is better than having a group of models that you chose in your own personal list that you can customize?

Though navigating through video chats is difficult with MyFreeCams, it permits you to easily and quickly skip through the models while video chatting. All you have to do is click on “skip” to view the next model based on your customized list of models.

This feature differs MyFreeCam from the other sites and it makes you quickly move to the next interesting girl you find.

Still, on the personalized list feature, you can control the way models appear and the type of girls you want using the settings control system.

You can arrange them under subsections like amateurs, region, popularity, and even the trending models based on the suggestion of others.

Another thing that determines the popularity and trends of a particular model is the number of times their videos get liked or commented on.

Creating an Account with MyFreeCams

Unlike other Cam sites that do not oblige users to create accounts, MyFreeCams sets another record of requesting users to create accounts before use.

The hot models have visitors who have been muted in their video chats which needs registration before access is granted.

Even if you try to start a chat and write something to post, if you do not yet have an account you will be redirected to the “create an account page”.

Creating an account is free and less time consuming, all that is needed are some basic information about you.

As a beginner, the basic details you will need are; a username, an e-mail, and then a password which you will have to fill in the spaces provided.

After filling the requested information, you will have to confirm that you have read the terms, conditions, and privacy policies.

In this section still, you will have to agree of being at least 18, and when this is done, you will receive an activate account link in your email.

To activate the account, just click the link which will give you the access to chat with some really hot, cute, and sexy women in the world.

Getting down to real business, creating an account is just the basic but buying tokens is the real deal that exposes you to the real shit.

Being super pretty and sexy models that do not just go around fucking anybody, you will need to add some price tag to watch them display their skills.

Most of these models have made a list of things to do so you can get a clue of what they do and how much each of them will cost.

But common dude!!! Support a sister by buying some tokens as it is what they do to make a living for themselves; so paying for what they do won’t hurt right? And I am sure you will be very pleased with what you see and get after making that pay, so what are you waiting for?

Chat With Super-hot Models

This is probably what you have been waiting for and I know you cannot wait to start chatting and getting dirty with these girls.

I think that MyFreeCam mobile has one of the best video chat modes when it comes to the adult camming sides like it is almost flawless.

With this site, you can enlarge the video size which permits you to still type and read messages plus there is nothing more annoying than moving back and forth on the site.

With the enlarged screen, you will keep expanding and minimizing the screen to let you view other stuff.

This simply means that you do get the chance of texting and video chatting which is quite nice and a rare feature, so my Free Cam probably has the best you can ever wish for.

Talking about communication, most of these hot chicks and models have their vibrators with them which they use to play with themselves and turn you on.

If you are not quite versed with the Bluetooth sex toy, the vibrators are curved upward to hit the girl’s g-spot.

The vibrators are being controlled using a Bluetooth connection and when you get to pay, they will make you wet using their vibrators.

That way you can control your lady using the Bluetooth connection which is indeed amazing and intriguing, more like a real show.

limitations of my Free Cam

I think the level of interaction is where My Free Cam missed it a little bit like they would have increased the level of interaction with the girls.

With other sites, the interaction is more intense giving you the chance of tipping a particular amount and set the chick’s vibration level.

You can choose to go low, medium, high, or ultra-depending on your preference at the moment but that seems not to be the case with MyFreeCam.

With them, it is basically about the more you hand over tips, the longer and more intense the vibration becomes.

Another issue I have with My Free Cams especially its mobile version is that it shows thousands of models online at any time but the popular babes are over-crowded with other dudes.

This over-saturation makes it difficult to create any good conversation with your playgirl.


We have learned so much about My Free Cam and it is a great and amazing site with very few downsides that can be quickly sorted.

I do think if these issues with navigation and video chatting with more intense interaction and control, you will have a great platform.

Adjusting the above limitations of My Free Cams will make it an unbeatable site and it will cause many more users to create accounts and have fun with the girls.

But despite its limitations, it still has the hottest girls I have ever seen or you will get to see on any cam site.

So if you are looking for super-hot and cute models in the world, do not hesitate to create an account with My Free Cam to get a mind-blowing experience.

You can go give it a try now and let us know what you think; it is a site you will always want to go back to once you become fully engaged with adult cam sites.